How Long Does it Take to Train Your Waist?

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How Long Does it Take to Train Your Waist?

Postby waisttrainer_admin » Mon May 02, 2016 3:19 pm

Waist training truly is about the love of the journey. It takes time to re-shape and reconstruct your waist in a safe and healthy way. It takes commitment and patience because you won’t see permanent results over night.

The number one question most people want to know about waist training is how long will it take to see results. Typically you can expect to see a difference in four to eight weeks, however everyone’s body is different and there are a few factors to consider.


Are you eating a well balanced diet that includes lots of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit? Or are you eating fast food and skipping meals? Are you working on losing weight and dedicated to reaching a healthy size? How about your fluid intake? Are you drinking fresh pure water and drinking detox tea? How about your fiber intake? All of these things must be taken in consideration if you want a smaller, hourglass body. Therefore, your diet is very important.


The type of exercise you do is also very important. It is good to vary your workouts and include movements such as Pilates, yoga, and stretching for elongating the abdominal muscles and for toning and sculpting your core. Cardio is also important in order to burn fat consistently. If you lead a sedentary life style, your process may take longer. Set a schedule you can live by and be dedicated to keeping your ‘workout dates”.

Waist Training Routine

Using your waist training system takes commitment. Many waist trainers are comfortable enough to wear under clothes at work. You can wear it when at home or in the gym while working out. You can begin with thirty minutes; go up to an hour until you gradually work your way up to wearing them for at least eight hours every single day.

Then it takes about six months for your new shape to really kick into starting to be permanent mode. But, if people don’t change their diet, exercise or follow my secret abdominal moves to fatten the abdominal- wall, they don’t see as great a result. Be patient with yourself and realize that non-surgical body modifications are a long-term commitment, but well worth it and much cheaper!

When it comes to waist training don’t worry about how long it will take. Just enjoy the journey. You deserve to be happy and have the body of your dreams. Don’t listen to negative media or hang out with haters or jealous broads. And NEVER justify what you want to anyone. This is your life, if you want it. Your soul is communicating to you. Above all, love yourself as you are and love yourself as you transform. Listen to your heart and listen to your body, have fun, and be good to yourself!

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Re: How Long Does it Take to Train Your Waist?

Postby Wishful55 » Sat May 07, 2016 7:25 pm

So many women want instant results and that is the first mistake when using a trainer. I know someone who tried to rush things and ended up making herself sick. It takes time to see results be it fat loss or loss of inches through waist training. Great read!

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